BOUTIQUE ITALIA Srls is a Consultancy Company for the internationalisation of Italian Companies, established in Bergamo (Italy) in 2019.
In Italy, it operates with a team of collaborators and in Japan it relies on reference partners, experienced Italian professionals who have been living there for years, as well as Japanese collaborators who are passionate about Italy and specially trained on the brand's products and services.
Boutique Italia Srls promotes the productions of the world of food and wine, design and tourist hospitality that represent the richness of our country's cultures and traditions, supporting them to face the the global market and supporting its protagonists. It considers each producer as a unicum, with which to build, together, an exclusive business and cultural path, in order to make the most of them and bring out all their potential, with a view to mutual professional growth.
Boutique Italia Srls believes that the Italian experience can and must contribute to breaking down barriers, be they geographical, cultural or ideological, with a view to transnationality. On the strength of this 'credo', Boutique Italia Srls sees a World in which Italian productions can represent a universal language, through which they can become a 'revolving door', to favour the exchange of professional and academic experiences in food and wine, foodtech, craftsmanship and design, hospitality and culture, also to attract to Italy artists, students, businesswomen and businessmen.